• Landscape architecture

  • Aquatics

  • Park master planning

  • Sport and recreation planning

  • Regional, rural and remote community specialists

  • Mobility planning

Welcome to MAK Planning and Design

MAK Planning and Design is a team of highly experienced landscape architects, architects, urban planners and sport, recreation and open space planners.

We have undertaken projects in...

landscape planning—from concept
        through master planning to detailed
        design and documentation for  tender
        or construction
facility design—architectural projects
       associated with sport, recreation or
       community facilities from concept to
       final design and project management
       of construction
strategic plans for sport, recreation and
       community facilities
open space planning
feasibility studies for sport, recreation or
       community facilities
community development planning

Our diverse range of specialist services

The MAK Planning and Design team offers a diverse range of specialist services, drawing on solid professional experience in senior management, local government and private practice consulting roles.

Team members have competed projects in Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

About Us

The Principal, Scott Alston, has extensive experience in the industry, owning and managing his own consultancy business until 2010 when he sold it to pursue opportunities overseas.

MAK Planning and Design builds on his previous work in Australia while introducing the expertise and ideas of professionals from his overseas experiences.

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Why Us

MAK Planning and Design collaborates closely with a select range of specialist companies and individuals, whose work meets our standards, to offer clients a unique consulting team with the highest level of skill required for each project. This additional expertise may involve:

  •   asset management
  •   economics
  •   engineering
  •   environmental science
  •   facility management
  •   project management
  •   quantity surveying
  •   social planning